Overland Across The Sahara and Beyond

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ALGERIA SCOUTING: See the report from southeastern Algeria here, the latest installment here, or the original daily posts here

MONGOLIA EXPEDITION: See the latest installment of the Mongolia Expedition report here, or the original daily posts here
IN THE DESERT: See INTO THE MAZE an in-depth report on an epic trip to one of the most remote areas in the lower 48 states. Check out the MAURITANIA REPORT with routes and details from our independent Sahara scouting expedition…

FIELD NOTES ROADTRIP Updates from the 2020 holiday journey, heading south ... DECEMBER 2020 HOLIDAY READ MORE FIELD NOTES NONCON When the pandemic cancelled their convention LON got creative... THE LADIES OFFROAD NETWORK READ MORE FIELD NOTES RE-OPENING Back on the trail as post-pandemic re-opening begins... OUR OUTDOORS READ MORE RE-OPENING TRIP PLANNING Five tips for planning overland adventures during the transition period... POST-PANDEMIC READ MORE FIELD NOTES SUDAN Daily posts from the Sudan scouting trip ... ACROSS SANDS OF TIME READ MORE SCOUTING KYRGYZSTAN Report from the field on the Kyrgyzstan scouting route ... EXPLORING THE SILK ROAD READ MORE FIELD NOTES EGYPT Daily posts from our first Egypt scouting trip ... THE WESTERN DESERT READ MORE SCOUTING ALGERIA Report from a journey in the south-east of Algeria. First waypoint: Djanet ... THE SOUTH-EAST READ MORE ROADTRIP EL CAMINO DEL DIABLO Detailed report from a solo journey on the infamous border trail from Ajo to Yuma... ON THE BORDER READ MORE ROADTRIP EAST COAST Exploring the east coast, on and off road: The barrier island wilderness of Chincoteague NWR... EXPLORATIONS READ MORE MONGOLIA EXPEDITION ULAANBAATAR In-depth report from the Mongolia expedition, begins with a look at the capital... THE STARTING POINT READ MORE ROADTRIP A six-day 450-mile solo trip into the Maze — one of the most remote places in the continental United States... INTO THE MAZE READ MORE REPORT MAURITANIA In-depth series direct from the desert, with maps and waypoints, first stop Nouakchott... SCOUTING THE SAHARA IN READ MORE


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