Paris: Rooftops and Night Sky…

Eternal and ephemeral once again…

23 August 2021: A favorite view of the city rooftops under the moonlight from our window. This is a view that has been photographed, drawn and painted over the years, but continues to offer new perspectives with each change in light, season and time of day…

Paris: Graffiti Goddess…

Views from the street…

20 August 2021: Taking time out to just be a “flaneur” in the city of light once again. Exploring the old familiar streets and looking for the people’s art where ever it may be found — and in Paris that can truly be anywhere. Absorbing a wave of urban culture after so long in the deserts and it feels good…

Paris: A Favorite Urban Environment…

Back to the city streets…

18 August 2021: Enjoyed a wander around the winding streets of the 10eme, poking my head into hidden courtyards and the passages in between to look for the “Paris insolite” that always inspires…

Paris: A distant view…

Seeing the city from a distance …

12 August 2021: A walk in the park near Noisy-le-sec offers a distant view of the urban metropolis beyond, framed by the trees of a protected woodland environment on the city’s edge…

Paris: Arriving on the outskirts…

A pause in Noisy-le-sec…

11 August 2021: Nice calm arrival to a friend’s house with a beautiful garden where we can ease into the return to an urban space gently. Flowers and a summer breeze greet us here as we settle back in to familiar places…



Finally after months of on-again-off-again travel plans, we are returning to Paris to reconnect with friends and some favorite places in the city of light. The long-awaited post-pandemic journey to Paris takes place this month, as Europe cautiously re-opens to international travelers. Looking forward to seeing everyone “across the pond”…


Every Day Is a Clean Up Day in 2021. Ladies Offroad Network has partnered with TreadLightly! to create a year-long program that encourages members to pick up trash on the trails whenever they are out off-roading. Participants simply pick up the trash, weigh it, take a photo, and log the location and time it took, then upload the details. At the end of the year there will be a series of prizes based on pounds of trash removed from the trails as well as participation in other TreadLightly! initiatives. This is a great way to do some good on a local level and make a larger impact via the national program…

Overlanding trip across the country from east to west as we return to the deserts of the southwestern USA for some training, exploring and events happening this fall. The focus is simple: taking the slow road and enjoying the journey…

Joining Team 127 in this year’s Rebelle Rally from 7-16 October 2021. The Rebelle covers more than 2,000 kilometers of stunning terrain across the Nevada and California desert. Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle pushes participants to test their skills over 8 days of competition. It is designed as the ultimate competition combining multiple navigation rally skills including headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and roadbook…

Taking part in the Ladies Offroad Network “Top Ten” event in late-October. The “Top Ten Weekend” is the culmination of the 6th annual LON Challenge, where participants completed a series of 11 offroad-based challenges over 10 weeks. The 4-day epic weekend with LON founder Charlene Bower is filled with exciting surprises, education, fun and high-energy action. This year’s Top Ten Weekend will take place in the Phoenix-metro area…


Street Art is everywhere in the city of light. Wherever you go, from the La Villette canal basin through the festive neighbourhood of Oberkampf to the 13th arrondissement and the nearby suburbs, street art has become a familiar part of the urban landscape and the city itself has become an open-air museum! Just open your eyes and look around to see some amazing works: graffiti emblematic of hip-hop culture, mischievous stencils, poetic collages as well as monumental murals covering many facades. Even the smallest space is an invitation to create art. Street art has an interesting history in Paris, growing from seeds planted during the avant garde period in the 1960’s when avant garde artists were using posters and decollage techniques for their works. Today’s street art often includes stickers and paper “paste-ups” or stenciling…

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