Almost home…


Crossing the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn..

13 AUGUST 2017: Nice and easy drive home from Pennsylvania after the TFT event ended. Always feels good to be crossing the bridge back into Brooklyn after a long day on the road. Made it home before dark for a change…

TFT9 on the Trails…


One more day on the trails..

13 AUGUST 2017: The final day of trail rides today. More rain last night added to the challenges, but the Green/101 group did great. Had lots of fun and nothing broken. Always enjoyable to guide this group. Looking forward to next year’s event already…

TFT9 Begins…


Ready to go..

12 AUGUST 2017: Everyone was in the staging area and ready to get out on the trail early this morning. Was great to be guiding the Green/101 group on the Northeast property today. Last night’s rain made the trails more interesting, and the weather held up long enough for us to cover our route for the day and get back to the pavilion before the Tornado Watch…

Folks Arriving for TFT9…


Registration and the vendor show…

11 AUGUST 2017: Lots of folks arriving and getting set up for the weekend fun at Topless For Tatas 9 today. The vendors and volunteers were all out in big numbers to welcome this year’s event attendees. Weather reports forecast scattered rain for the weekend,but that will just make the trails more fun…

Headed to TFT9 at Rausch Creek…

Great sunset enroute to TFT9…

10 AUGUST 2017: Back on the road in the U.S. and headed out to Rausch Creek for the 9th Annual Topless for Tatas charity wheeling event, where we will be guiding the 101/Green group on the trails for a couple of days. Leaving New York for Pennsylvania this evening the sunset was quite beautiful, and hopefully an omen for good weather on the trails…

Sunflower fields and more sun…

Enjoying a few last days in rural Serbia…

4 AUGUST 2017: The heatwave here continues to be unbearable and folks are mostly trying to stay cool however they can. The earth is cracked and dry in places and a lot of the fields seem parched. Still, there is something so beautiful about the rural landscapes here. Rows of sunflowers standing tall in defiance of the heat, seemed like a perfect image as the afternoon sunlight gave them a vibrant glow …

Overlanding in Eastern Serbia…

Checking out the Serbian-Romanian border…

2 AUGUST 2017: Took a route along backcountry roads through the gentle rolling hills of this part of Serbia into the Đerdap National park. Had just enough time to get a sense of the rugged cliffs surrounding the Danube, which is the border between Romania and Serbia. We will definitely return to this region for a more focused trip, but enjoyed the spontaneity of randomly following the river …

Hiking in the heat…

A late day hike in the woods…

1 AUGUST 2017: We have been hiking in the early morning and late afternoon as these are the only times it is even bearable. The woods offer some shade and there are some excellent berries ripe for picking as long as we are careful of the thorns. Did an interesting navigational exercise trying to determine our location without a map or compass, just using landmarks and relative position and distance. We came out right on target (sort of — a thick wooded area full of thorn bushes made us have to “go around” and resection further than we wanted to, but our calculations had been correct about our position, so we considered it successful)…


Heading to Serbia in to help with the plum harvest in the village and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside…

Trail Guiding for the 9th annual Topless for Tatas Charity Wheeling Event at Rausch Creek off-road park 11-13 August. TFT brings together off-roaders from all over to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Last year’s event raised over $30,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation…

Heading back to the southwest for some very hot desert time later this August, with some familiar trails and a few new destinations to explore.


Going to RebelleU for some refresher dunes training in September. Rebelle U was established by veteran off-road racer and Rebelle Rally-founder Emily Miller, to help women learn, build, sharpen, and refine off-roading skills in authentic environments designed for them to excel. The training program offers 1-4 day driving and navigation classes in southern California aimed at preparing women to take on vehicle-based adventure.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 12.56.20 PM
Planning is underway for a scouting mission into a new region of exploration for USnomads — the famed Silk Road across Central Asia. More details to come as specifics are worked out.


Topless For Tatas began in 2009 when 65 4×4’s joined Chantelle Kern at Rausch Creek Off-road park to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, starting the tradition that continues today. Last year over 700 vehicles attended, raising more than $30,000 that was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The funds are used to assist researchers and doctors working to find a cure. Topless for TATAs is a charitable organization, run entirely by volunteers, and all proceeds from the event, raffle and merchandise sales are donated directy to the BCRF…


Rausch Creek Off Road Park is devoted to providing a fun, legal place for off-road enthusiasts to go four-wheeling. The park consists of almost 3,000 acres of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails featuring rocks, bowls, hills, club friendly trails, and free, on-site camping. The park is located in Pine Grove, in Schuylkill County, the heart of the anthracite Coal Region of Eastern Pennsylvania. It can be reached by Interstate 81 (exit 107, south via Route 209) or Interstate 78 (exit 13, north via PA-501).


The Đerdap national park in northeastern Serbia sits on the edge of the Danube, across from Romania. Stretching along the right bank from the Golubac fortress to the dam near Novi Sip, Serbia, it covers 157,620 acres. Home to four majestic gorges 800 meters high the park also contains important archaeological sites at Lepenski Vir as well as Roman monuments like Trajan’s Table. However, the main attraction is the incredible natural beauty of the Đerdap gorge – the famous Iron Gate – the grandiose gateway through the southern slopes of the Carpathian mountains. The 100 km (62 mi) long gorge is actually a compound river valley made up of four gorges separated from each other by ravines. The Danube is the longest natural river gorge in Europe, and there are some beautiful wilderness areas to discover here.

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