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Today the teams left the desert heading west, toward the coast where the ceremonial end of the Rally will take place

28 MARCH 2014: This morning teams packed up their tents for the final time, and hit the road for the long journey to Essaouira. The Gazelles are free to go at their own pace today, and are no longer hooked up to satellite tracking devices. The competition has ended but there is still more driving to do.

As they make their was west, they get a final look at the desert’s harsh beauty. Then the landscape begins to change. The smooth driving on road is a treat after so many days on the rough desert terrain, and at the end of the road is a luxurious hotel where they Gazelles can get reacquainted with “civilization” before tomorrow’s ceremonial finish on the beach at Essaouira.

For more live coverage of Today’s event from the official Rally site: English | Français


M6 profiles the winners of the 24th edition of the Rally Aicha des Gazelles. [Sorry for the obligatory advertisement at the start of this clip, it comes as part of the embedded resource, not our site.]


Team 171 USnomads completed the 24th edition of the Rally Aicha des Gazelles with a total “penalty” of 2226.24 overall (the value of the missed CPs plus the extra kilometers driven over the “ideal” course). The team ranked 59th among First-time Participants and 100th overall in the final standings.

Here’s the top ten 4×4 teams in the final overall ranking:






Each year, the beach in Essaouira becomes the stage for a show that has become an event not to be missed: the official finish of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc. An emotional moment when the Gazelles, organizers, guests, officials and supporters come together and celebrate the official arrival of the teams. The arrival is open to the public; supporters should be on the beach in Essaouira, across from the Sofitel Mogador, at 9:00, sharp. The day will end with a gala evening, then tomorrow, all of these Gazelles will be on their way home, their hearts brimming with images and memories, their pockets still harbouring a bit of desert sand… The Moroccan desert that is already awaiting their return next year, for the 25th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc!


Team USnomads is proud to support the work of MothersToMothers, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that recognizes the ability of mothers to change their destiny. MothersToMothers, founded by Pamela Parlapiano, partners with local women to create community supported day care and learning centers that change lives. Their model project in Amacho Wato Kebele, Ethiopia, has shown how with just a little help, the mothers in the community can improve the lives of a whole village. Please join us in supporting their efforts to take this successful model to more villages: Donate to MothersToMothers here. (Note that all donations go 100% directly to MothersToMothers).


USnomads, c’est l’histoire d’une amitié de plus de 20 ans, qui s’est construite à travers le temps, les cultures, les expériences de la vie et des voyages. Seule l’union de deux caractères forts et respectueux l’un de l’autre explique que nous soyons arrivées à nos fins dans chacun de nos défis.

Ceci est notre première participation au Rallye des gazelles et nous ne sommes pas des professionels, mais JoMarie a une certaine expérience de l’Afrique et des situations d’urgence. D’autre part, elle s’est totalement investie dans la préparation de cette course et Isabelle s’est récemment mise à la navigation.

Le Rallye des gazelles dans le désert marocain sera le théâtre d’une nouvelle épreuve pour nous : une Jeep, une boussole, une carte et tout le pouvoir de notre volonté d’y parvenir fera le reste.

Ce défi sportif s’inscrit dans un projet humain plus large, celui de traverser le désert du Sahara d’Ouest en Est dans l’espoir d’accompagner les équipes d’ONG dans leurs micro-projets d’aide aux peuplades nomades locales. JoMarie en produira un film documentaire qui donnera à mieux connaitre les hommes de cette partie du monde.

L’équipe 171 prendra fièrement son envol le 15 mars 2014 avec toutes les autres participantes ! Et que les meilleures gagnent !

Mais quelle valeur et quelle portée aurait cette leçon de vie, si nous n’étions pas soutenues par l’amour de nos proches, de nos amis et de tous ceux qui nous entourent. Merci !


Detailed weather: Errachida

27 March – Leg 6: Foum Zguid South
26 March – Leg 5: 2nd Marathon Day 2
25 March – Leg 5: 2nd Marathon Day 1
24 March – Leg 4: 1st Marathon Day 2
23 March – Leg 4: 1st Marathon Day 1
22 March – Leg 3: Merzouga
21 March – Leg 2: Nejakh North
20 March – Leg 1: Nejakh South
19 March – Prologue
18 March – To Erfoud
17 March – Ferry to Tangiers
16 March – To Barcelona
15 March – Paris Presentation
14 March – Technical Verification day
8 to 13 Mar 2014 – Paris: Preparations



(How we came to go to the Gazelle Rally)

We just seem to love “road trips.” The excitement of laying out the maps, loading up the Jeep, and heading out to discover something new has brought us together before. In 2010 we criss-crossed the United States in a marathon drive that covered over 10,000 miles and encompassed 25 states in 46 days… [read]

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