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Here’s a brief overview of what Team USnomads has been up to lately:

On the Obstacle Course at Overland Expo


16 MAY 2014: Got to test out the brand new Ram Powerwagon’s offroad capabilities on the obstacle course at Overland Expo, and compare it with the Jeep Rubicon and the Landrover LR4…

Enjoying Sedona Trails


15 MAY 2014: Enjoying the trails around Sedona while en route to Overland Expo. Stringing together the Schnebly Hill Road area trails with another set of Forest Service roads on the other side of I-17, I can almost do the entire trip “off-pavement.” Makes for a fun drive with some amazing scenery…

Deeper Water and Plenty of Mud

4 MAY 2014: Having more fun at Rausch Creek practicing deep water crossings, complicated rocks and steep hills. Working on increasingly difficult blue and black trails, as well as some sections of the property that are not open to the public. Expanding capabilities for troubleshooting tactical scenarios, too…

On the Rocks at Rausch Creek

12 APRIL 2014: In the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania at Rausch Creek giving the Jeep a workout on rocks and mud, and getting re-familiar with the typical terrain back in the north-east of the U.S.A. Great weekend to be out in the woods exploring new trails…

The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2014

15-30 MARCH 2014: USnomads, Team 171, completed the 24th edition of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco — an amazing adventure that puts teams through the ultimate challenges of true off-road driving and desert navigation without GPS. For a complete update, day-by-day description of the race, the team’s track, and more, see NOTES FROM THE ROAD


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