News: November 2013


Crossing a Sea of Sand


21 NOVEMBER 2013: Navigating across this terrain seems impossible, but we are doing it. Working with Barlow Jeep School, we’ve crossed the width of the sand sea in the heart of the Imperial Sand Dunes from west to east, and are now returning east to west. Each direction requires different tactics because of the structure of the dunes and the prevailing winds. The experience is intense. The dunes are humbling and inspirational at the same time…

Studying the Sand


20 NOVEMBER 2013: Crossing the dunes requires rapid terrain assessment on the part of the driver. We need to be able to “read” the sand. Enjoying an intensive lesson on the properties of dunes with Barlow Jeep School deep in the middle of the Imperial Sand Dunes…

Getting Intimate with the Dunes


19 NOVEMBER 2013: Getting a feel for sand and the realities of desert driving with Barlow Jeep School at the Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis. Spent some time learning the finer points of recovery and got plenty of practice with the Maxtrax…

Arizona Desert Trails

17 NOVEMBER 2013: Practicing land navigation in the desert around Yuma and getting comfortable with the varied desert terrain we will be facing in Morocco…

A Day out around Sedona

House Mountain

16 NOVEMBER 2013: Enjoying some favorite Jeep trails around Sedona and just getting the feel for a Jeep that is very similar to the one we will have for the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in March…

Getting out on the Trail

Jeep on trail

10 NOVEMBER 2013: A beautiful autumn day was a chance to get the Jeep out on the dirt not far from home. Nothing locally is a challenge driving-wise, but the scenery is great, and on days like this, we can drive out to the water’s edge and be alone in a spectacular patch of protected “wild” that still exists so close to NYC and her sprawling suburbs. Just one of those “life’s good” moments…


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