About Team US Nomads

The Team
JoMarie Fecci and Isabelle Nikolic will be driving a Jeep Wrangler during the nine-day Rally Aicha des Gazelles. This challenge is the first step in an epic journey across the Sahara. Learn more about the team, the Jeep, and the journey…

Motivated by the primal challenges of the harsh terrain and the intense desire to reconnect with this special place, longtime friends, Fecci and Nikolic, came together as team USnomads in a committment to compete in the Rally Aicha des Gazelles 2014. The Rally is a one-of-a-kind event, with 150 two-woman teams crossing the desert completely “off-road” using only a map and a compass to find their way. [Learn more about The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles]

Though Fecci and Nikolic are not professional racers, they have significant overlanding experience both on- and off-road, and have worked in Africa in a range of complex emergency situations.

Engaged in recreational “Jeeping” since 2007 on the east coast of the U.S.A., the team has lately been frequenting some of the desert areas of the southwest in preparation for the Rally. Their longest overlanding “expedition” to date was the “Great American Roadtrip 2010,” in which they covered more than 10,000 miles in 45 days, mostly camping out of the Jeep!

The team’s first introduction to the Sahara came through documentary film work but their combined experience in the region includes the role of journalist, photographer/videographer, producer, UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs staff, translation and coordinating logistics for emergency medical repatriations, and participation in international NGO missions. [Check out The Team Bios]

Inspired by the harsh beauty of the Sahara, and the strength and ingenuity of the people living there, USnomads are planning an epic journey that will bring people together across borders and cultures in a true exchange.

After proving their capabilites in the Rally Aicha des Gazelles the team will initiate project nomads2nomads — an independent female-led expedition by Jeep across the Sahara from west to east, connecting nomadic communities with NGO microprojects, and producing a series of documentary shorts that intertwine the saga of this complex offroad adventure with the stories of people living in one of the most unforgiving places on earth. The expedition’s own struggles to overcome obstacles along the way will be set off by the inspirational stories of the people they encounter, who are daily finding creative solutions to problems many of us can barely imagine.

The main goals of project nomads2nomads are:

  • Spread a positive message of hope, illustrating the good that comes from taking the initiative to do something independently (“we can do it,” there is no limit, no border, no barrier of age or gender).
  • Foster mutual understanding across cultures and communities via a true exchange of information and experiences.
  • Connect people and organizations that have common interests or that can benefit from interacting together.

For more information about project nomads2nomads contact us.