About the Race

Rally Aicha des Gazelles
The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, a grueling nine-day off-road race across the Moroccan sahara, is one of the toughest motorsport events in the world. Using only a map and compass to navigate (GPS or electronic navigational aids are NOT allowed), the two-women teams must reach a series of checkpoints spread over the harshest desert terrain. The competition is a challenge of endurance and strategy, as teams must decide whether to go over obstacles or around them in an effort to complete the course with the least possible mileage. The winners are the team that reaches all the checkpoints via the shortest total distance. [Find out how the Rally works]

The event was established in 1990 as the only rally raid exclusively for women. Each year 150 teams from more than 33 countries take part. The Rally’s concept is unique: to win, a team must drive the shortest distance. Eco-driving is rewarded.

Unique in the world of motorsports, the Rally Aicha des Gazelles is the only event of its kind to have received the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, recognizing it as an environmentally-friendly event.

Over the past five years, the Rally has produced an annual environmental report, reduced its carbon dioxide emissions and its impacts in terms of water and energy consumption and waste production, and established a Social and Environmental Responsibility charter. The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles offsets all of its carbon emissions through Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Action Carbone association, helping to finance sustainable development projects around the world.

The Rally has no cash prizes, rather money from the entry fees is used to provide humanitarian assistance to needy populations in the area of the race via the affiliated charity Coeurs des Gazelles (Heart of Gazelles). Its sole objective: to assist the populations with whom the Gazelles come in contact during the event. [Find out more about Heart of Gazelles]