Doing Good As We Go

Doing Good
Proceeds from the race are used to provide humanitarian assistance to the local communities through the Rally’s charitable organization known as Coeur des Gazelles (Heart of Gazelles) — there are no cash prizes for the winning teams. And USnomads, like many other Gazelle teams, has also partnered with individual humanitarian organizations to spread good works as we go. Learn more about the good we are doing …

The Rally has its own affiliated charity: Coeur des Gazelles (Heart of Gazelles). Its sole objective is to assist the populations with whom the Gazelles come in contact during the event. Coeur des Gazelles works in collaboration with the Moroccan Government on projects carefully selected to meet local needs. Current projects are on-going in the following sectors:

  • Medical: providing access to medical care for Morocco’s isolated populations
  • Helping children and orphans: building a better life for the most vulnerable members of society; helping children to grow up in the best possible conditions
  • Education: fighting illiteracy, building schools
  • Environment and sustainable development: increasing awareness through education; helping sustainable development
  • Employment for single women: creating jobs
  • Quality of daily life: donating clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products and toys

Team USnomads is also partnering with independent humanitarian organizations to “do good as we go.” For more information on projects currently supported or to propose a partner project please contact us.