Who We Are: JoMarie Fecci

A modern nomad, JoMarie Fecci has spent twenty five years roaming the world with a camera as a photojournalist and filmmaker, before returning to New York to become Creative Director at Havas PR (formerly Euro RSCG Worldwide) the North American earned-media and buzz boutique responsible for award-winning campaigns like Sears’ “Heroes at Home,” Wycelf Jean for president of Haiti, One Young World and Ford’s “Warriors in Pink” to name a few.

As a photojournalist Fecci covered war and humanitarian crises worldwide. From 1998 through 2001, she focused on the Middle East where she was the first American journalist to spend significant time in Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon since the hostage-takings of the mid-1980s. She spent much of the 1990s covering the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia as well as conflicts in West Africa, Latin America and the Caucuses. She has also done extensive work covering the United Nations, the U.S. military, and the special operations forces of many other nations.

In 2001, Fecci began producing and directing her own documentaries. Her first film, PARIS CAFES: SOUL OF THE STREET, chronicled neighborhood life in Parisian cafes. A departure from her typical subject matter, the cafe film was Fecci’s response to the growing gentrification in the city she calls her second home. Returning to familiar ground, Fecci produced and directed documentaries that focused on refugee communities and personal stories of struggle in Europe and Africa.

Fecci has her Master’s in Foreign Service, from Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Foreign Service and has taken part in various United Nations and international relief agencies’ humanitarian missions.

In her free time, Fecci enjoys Jeeping and backcountry exploration. She is a private pilot, and is currently working on her instrument rating.